Resplendent and civilized, Dunador is the seat of religious authority in the western hemisphere and the sole legacy of Nerath. Much of the landscape of this pious nation is unremarkable, though beautiful, reminiscent of the days of King Elidyr. Few earth motes dot its skies and even fewer ruins exist within its borders. You won’t find a safer place to be a farmer on all of Atroa; Dunador is seldom threatened by the likes of orc hordes or marauding monsters thanks to its elite patrols of griffon-riding scouts. Any sighting of an aberration undead beast or what-have-you is relayed magically to the nearest military station and countermeasures are deployed (usually a high level spellcaster able to cast the teleport ritual and an appropriate number of accompanying soldiers).

How is it that such a resplendent haven flourished so soon after the Bloodspears destroyed Nerath? It is because of the efforts and sacrifices of a diverse group of guilds whom came together in their country’s time of need and preserved its way of life.

Dunador has perhaps the best army in the western hemisphere. King Halfred, ruler of Dunador, is a just and wise man, well-loved by his subjects. He is careful not to let the influence of the churches bleed too much into his decisions, though he is a pious man, devoted to Bahamut. Many of the benevolent gods can claim followers in Dunador, but Erathis and Bahamut are the nations most commonly worshiped deities. Evil gods find no home within Dunadors borders, if a cult is discovered it is quickly expunged and with little mercy.

Dunthrane: Dunthrane, the capitol city, is perched on the northern shore of the Lion’s Head Sea. It is a major metropolis and trading hub, most other nations trade with Dunador at Dunthrane. The Spire is a towering feat of nature mixed with architecture. It sits in the Dunthrane harbor, overlooking the many ships therein. The quays spread out from the base of the Spire into the harbor, allowing boats to dock and unload their goods. Airships make use of the many “skybridges” (a combination of a bridge and flying-buttress) to porter-in. All races and alignments trade within its walls with little fear of being robbed or harmed. Though businesses and trades of ill-repute are never welcome.

Dunador shares its borders with Andevar (a northern province), Thakis and Sentitent to the west, the sea to the south, and the Veronian Mountains hedge it in on the east. Dejai, the elven city-state within the Veronians, is severely isolationist. They are the remnants of the short-lived elven empire – Serathal – and harbor a deep distrust of humans. They have never traded with Dunador, nor sent representatives on any political sojourn, ambassadorial or otherwise. Dunador is on good terms with Fallcrest and trades with the city often. Lord Markelhay has maintained correspondence with King Halfred over the years. In their youth, the two adventured together for a time.

Andevar is on shaky ground with Dunador, though Duke Aimar is a noble of Dunthrite blood. King Halfred has had to step in on several occasions to overturn unjust decisions made by Aimar, much to the Duke’s displeasure. Another unfriendly neighbor bordering Dunador is its southern province; Gilder, a small cluster of islands in the Lion’s Head Sea, just south of Dunthrane. The King’s brother, Edrin, was more or less ‘exiled’ there after his attempted coup on the crown. During the Lion’s War, 10 years ago, Halfred was away fighting in the east. Edrin tried to seize the throne. The coup failed and the quaking younger sibling was forced to throw himself at Halfred’s feet upon the sovereign’s return. Despite his compassionate heart, the king was obliged to punish his scheming brother. Stripped of most of his titles and land, Edrin was sent south, there to reside in a modest castle as a minor lord of the small and poor principality of Gilder. Whether or not Edrin has learned his lesson and mended his scheming ways has yet to be seen, but the cuckolded lord grouses at the mention of his older brother, King Halfred.

Population: Dunthrane’s population reaches just over 42,000 people (with another 2,000 or so in the surrounding farmland) and it is overwhelmingly human, though representatives from nearly every race claim homes within its borders. Halflings are the next most frequent followed closely by dwarves and half-elves. Many dragonborn live within the city limits of Dunthrane and almost outweigh the number of halflings within the metropolis, but are seldom seen outside the city. Drow are only a whispered ghost story, used to scare children. Little do they know; drow actually exist. Though, the stories may exaggerate from time to time. There are few known routes to the underdark in Dunador. Drow have not been seen within its borders in over a decade. Changelings, as throughout most of civilized Atroa, are killed or arrested on sight.
Government: Dunthrane’s ruling body is a monarchy, headed by the Good King Halfred Dunnlan. The Dunnlan family are distant descendants of the line of Elidyr and in this way keep the glory of Nerath very much alive. Halfred’s wife, the Queen Valarane, passed away about twelve years ago in child birth. The King’s only son, Prince Edmund, is a kind and gentle young man who should prove to be a fine successor. A contingent of royal counselors attend to many of the day-to-day bureaucratic matters of the court, while Halfred sees to important matters personally. The King’s chief advisor, Hollend Rowanmane, is head of the council. The kingdom of Dunador spans most of the vale between the Veronian and Stonemarch mountain ranges along the shores of the Lion’s Head Sea. All settlements within the kingdom defer to the laws set forth by the king and his council.
Defense: Outside of the capitol, the Griffon Scouts are the first line of defense. They frequently patrol the countryside from high above, keeping an eye-out for any trouble. Inside Dunthrane, the King’s Guard make up the majority of the constabulary. These men and women are or were members of the Golden Lions, Dunador’s army. The Lions do all of their fighting outside of Dunador’s borders these days, in areas like Armitage and Thakis. The King’s Guard are augmented by a few private and religious sectors, including Erathan Templars and house guards. In times of need, citizens are expected to take-up arms and form a militia, which would theoretically number over 3,000 able men and women. Dunthrane has not had need of its militia in over 50 years, however.


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